短片单元 影片递交指南 | SHQFF Shorts Submission Guidelines

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  1. 本人是所递交作品的拥有者/版权持有者/销售代理,并已获得任何涉及版权内容的有关许可。
    The applicant must be the owner/copyright holder/accredited sales agent of the submitted film and have properly acquired relevant permissions for any copyrighted materials used.
  2. 在电视、网络等任何公开媒体上放映过的影片将无权参与本短片单元。
    Films which have been broadcast on television, a public internet screening platform or have had an international theatrical release prior to SHQFF 2018 are NOT eligible for Short Film Division.
  3. 影片时长必需控制在40分钟之内。
    All films submitted must have a running time of 40 minutes or less.
  4. 影片可以是任何语言,但需提供中文或者英文至少其中一种字幕。
    Films may be in any language, but must include either Chinese or English subtitles.
  5. 片必需于2019年6月18日之前递交。所有影片均应制作于2018年3月之后。
    All films must be submitted before June 18, 2019, and have been produced after March 2019.
  6. 每部递交影片需要1美元报名费。
    There is a 1 USD submission fee for each submitted film.
  7. 影片必须关注LGBTQIA主题,或含有LGBTQIA角色。
    All films should focus on LGBTQIA themes or stories that include LGBTQIA characters.
  8. 本届短片单元下设两个分单元,分别是亚洲短片竞赛和世界短片展映。参加亚洲短片竞赛的影片,影片主题须与亚洲LGBTQIA主题相关,或含有亚洲LGBTQIA角色及经历(“亚洲”可以被理解为国籍上、文化上或种族上的认同)。不符合亚洲短片竞赛投递条件的影片,可投至世界短片展映。
    SHQFF Shorts, the short film division contains two categories: the Asian Short Film Competition and the World Short Film Screening. Films submitted to the Asian Short Film Competition must be relevant to Asia, such as the story taking place in Asia or having an Asian lead character. (‘Asian’ may be interpreted as a national, cultural or ethnic identity.) Films that do not meet the above requirements should be submitted to World Short Film Screening category.
  9. 本届上海酷儿影展将为参与亚洲短片竞赛的影片设置以下六个奖项:
    There are six awards for films participating in the Asian Short Film Competition:
    2019年上海酷儿影展最佳影片 SHQFF 2019 Best Film
    2019年上海酷儿影展最佳导演 SHQFF 2019 Best Director
    2019年上海酷儿影展最佳摄影 SHQFF 2019 Best Cinematography
    2019年上海酷儿影展最佳剧本 SHQFF 2019 Best Screenplay
    2019年上海酷儿影展最佳演员 SHQFF 2019 Best Actor
    2019年上海酷儿影展评审团大奖 SHQFF 2019 Grand Jury Award
  10. 世界短片展映将不设置奖项,该分单元入选影片将仅作为官方展映影片。
    There is NO award for films selected in the World Short Film Screening. Films selected in this category are only for the official screening.
  11. 片单元的所有入围影片将于2019年8月15日公布,其中亚洲短片竞赛的获奖者将于2019年上海酷儿影展期间公布。
    Selected film submissions in all categories will be notified by August 15, 2019. Award winners for the Asian Short Film Competition will be announced during the 2019 Shanghai Queer Film Festival.
  12. 上海酷儿影展(SHQFF)有权在其活动编排及协办活动中放映该影片。SHQFF有权使用影片内容供网络、电视宣传。
    Shanghai Queer Film Festival (SHQFF) may screen the film publicly as part of its program and in conjunction with other events. In addition, SHQFF is granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted for promotional purposes, and without limitation as to time in all media including but not limited to internet and television broadcast.
  13. 有需要时,电影人将提供制片细节及宣传剧照、海报相关信息。
    Applicants will provide full production details and publicity stills, press kits and posters on request.
  14. 电影人需自行承担作品及资料的邮寄费用。
    The cost of shipping an entry must be paid by the applicants. Submissions received with incorrect postage or that incur postage charges may not be accepted.
  15. 尽管所有影片的印刷品及材料都会被谨慎对待,但SHQFF及活动举办方不对影片的印刷品或其他材料在运输途中及展览途中的损失和损坏负任何责任。
    Film print and other film materials will be handled with utmost care. However, neither the SHQFF staff nor the staff from the supporting theatre organizations can assume responsibility for damages or loss of the print and other film materials, en route or otherwise, while in the possession of festival staff.
  16. 电影人参与颁奖典礼需自行承担差旅费。
    Filmmakers attending the awards ceremony are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and all other expenses.
  17. 入围电影人参加颁奖典礼及后续活动无须门票。
    Filmmakers whose works have been accepted into SHQFF are given a FREEPASS to attend the opening night event as well as all other events.
  18. SHQFF对以上所有信息、资格以及递交规则、参与条件、参与信息拥有最终解释权。
    All stated information, eligibility and submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the Shanghai Queer Film Festival, without notice.
  19. 参选影片需递交数码格式。文件参数推荐MP4格式,1080P分辨率。文件大小小于2G。
    All films should be submitted digitally in 1080P resolution, MP4 format. The file must be less than 2G.
  20. 递交影片方式:请将影片用下列任意方式上传,并把下载链接填写影片递交表格中。
    Films may be submitted by uploading the film to one of the following websites and providing the link for the film in the submission form.
    Vimeo – 如设有保护,请提供密码。须开启下载功能。
    Vimeo – Please provide password if protected. Downloading must be enabled
    QQ/百度云盘 – 请提供密码。
    QQ / Baidu Cloud – Please provide password.
  21. 如有任何问题请发送邮件至films@shqff.org。
    If you have any questions, please contact films@shqff.org.
  22. 电影人在使用下附的“影片递交表格”递交影片时将视为同意以上所有条款及指南。并将所有报名资料在报名截止日期(2019年6月18日)前完整提供。
    When completing the film submission form, you must agree to all terms, conditions and guidelines as outlined above. All submissions must be received no later than June 18, 2019.

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